July 19th, 2023 3min 38s youtube

2 Entitled Karens Get SHUT DOWN By Cop!

A Karen on a temper tantrum learns a lesson about the law. Comedian and Rebel HQ's own Ben Gleib breaks it down.
In this gripping episode titled "2 Entitled Karens Get SHUT DOWN By Cop!", witness the dramatic face-off where entitlement and law enforcement collide. We follow two Karens on their ill-fated journey of throwing temper tantrums, only to be put in their place by a cop, all under the sharp commentary of comedian and Rebel HQ's Ben Gleib. From the initial confrontation to the satisfying resolution, this video is a roller coaster ride of emotions packed with wit, wisdom, and a healthy serving of instant karma. Hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons for more such engaging content and SHARE this video to spread the word about the consequences of entitlement in our society.

Join us as we continue to explore the fascinating world of public freakouts and social justice, one Karen at a time.