August 30th, 2023 2min 40s news

She Missed It, Now She Wants It ASAP - new doctor appointment

Ever been in a hurry but found that the world wouldn't speed up for you? Welcome to the club, but some people take it to a whole new level! Our newest video, titled "She Missed It, Now She Wants It ASAP," dives into an enthralling episode where a patient who missed her original appointment now wants immediate attention.

Frustrated and defiant, she demands a new appointment as soon as possible, disregarding the realities of scheduling and availability. It's a jarring reminder of how some people expect the world to revolve around their schedule, even in crucial systems like healthcare.

If you've ever wondered what entitlement looks like in a healthcare setting, this video paints a vivid picture. The patient's behavior embodies what many might label as classic "Karen" antics—impatient, uncompromising, and shockingly indifferent to how her demands impact others.