June 19th, 2023 11min 6s youtube

Police Weren’t Expecting Her to do THIS…

6/7/22 [Manatee, FL]

At around 10 PM, an officer observed a red car driving recklessly passed his patrol car. After pulling out to follow the car, the driver attempted to evade the officer. After a short chase, the driver pulled over. The driver immediately warned the officer not to touch her and acted extremely flustered. She informs officers that she's the victim in a road rage incident with another car. The driver and her boyfriend claim that the other car initiated the feud by throwing a water bottle at their car. To confirm these accusations, officers made contact with the driver of the other vehicle. The driver and his wife told a completely different story. They said that the driver appeared to be "on something" and was chasing them, even trying to run them into the guardrail. One of the victims stated that the boyfriend was encouraging the female driver to drive recklessly. To make matters worse, both vehicles had infants children in the backseat. After the driver flees (again), she does something nobody was expecting (watch to see). After just being released from jail, both the driver and her boyfriend are headed right back. Hopefully they learn from their repeated mistakes.

Disclaimer: This footage is shown for educational purpose and is not meant to shame or degrade the individuals involved. All footage sourced using the Freedom of Information Act and is Public Record. The precedent for this type of channel has been set by Real World Police, Code Blue Cam, etc… If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out the email address listed in the about section.