June 19th, 2023 1min 39s youtube

Police Officer's TikTok Tells Drivers to 'Get the F*** Out of the Way'

Prepare for an astonishing turn of events as Officer Breanna Straus finds herself at the center of a firestorm after posting a TikTok video that quickly went viral. In this jaw-dropping incident, Officer Straus boldly instructs drivers to make way for law enforcement vehicles with an unfiltered message: "Get the F*** Out of the Way."

The video's explosive content drew widespread attention and resulted in a suspension from duty for Officer Straus. As the controversy unfolds, tensions rise, sparking a passionate debate on social media platforms. While some argue for the need to prioritize emergency response, others vehemently oppose the aggressive tone of Officer Straus's message.

Reporter: Reporter: Sierra Gillespie