Caught on Video: Kansas City Police Officers Face Discipline After Walmart Altercation

  • August 9, 2023
  • 1 min read

Two police officers in Kansas City, Kansas, have faced disciplinary actions, and a charge against a man who was restrained at a Walmart store has been dropped. This incident was recorded and shared on social media.

The 24-year-old nephew of a man was forcefully taken to the ground by the officers on accusations of stealing a pizza. The video of the incident was later shared on TikTok.


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The Kansas City Police Department acknowledged that mistakes were made during the incident, including the use of unapproved techniques. Police spokesperson Nancy Chartrand elaborated that the video shows an officer placing his knee on the neck of the restrained individual.

The apprehended man was exiting the store with his purchase, which was not bagged. He refused to show his receipt to an off-duty officer and became confrontational, leading to the incident.

“It is our determination that the officer should have disengaged at that time due to the circumstances,” the police department stated on Monday.

The video, captured by the man's uncle, reveals the altercation after the man was already on the ground. Bystanders can be heard vouching for the man's innocence.

The police department dismissed a charge of hindering an investigation and expressed commitment to working with retail partners to clarify the role of off-duty officers.

The incident was under investigation even before the video surfaced online. Both the off-duty officer and another officer have been disciplined, and further training will be provided. Details of the officers and the disciplinary actions are protected by Kansas law.

The off-duty officer was employed at the store in a security capacity, according to Chartrand.

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